DNA Day: 68 years. Coronavirus: Nucleic acid that put the World on hold, Year II


DNA Day is a worldwide event that happens annually in celebration of the description of DNA molecule, on April 25, 1953, by Watson and Crick. This annual event is an opportunity to discuss the impact that the description of the DNA molecule had on the Biological and Health Sciences.

 As it is commonly known, the serious state of public and health calamity, since last year, the proposal for DNA Day: 68 years will be related to Coronavirus: Nucleic acid that put the World on hold, Year II, carried out in two sections:

Section I: consisting of three days of virtual lectures (April 25th, 26th and 27th, 2021), given in Portuguese and English (without simultaneous translation). Registration is open to the general public at the link https://www.unifesp.br/reitoria/proec/cursos-e-eventos.

Section II: consisting of four weekly virtual tutorial meetings, for the elaboration of education material on the coronavirus and vaccine development, on May 3, 10, 17 and 24, 2021, and presentation of the works, on May 31, 2021. For section II, enrollment will be for up to 20 graduate students. To receive the credits course, it is necessary to register with a summary of your project and letter of interest in the event DNA Day: 68 years (Section I and II). For registration click at the link of the Graduate Program in Structural and Functional Biology at Unifesp, http: //www.bef.posgrad.com.br/index.asp

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